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All are welcome on our platform. All reviews are published immediately. No moderation, no delays.

What are' reviews like? reviews are written by customers from all over the world. Anybody who has ever had a service or buying experience can leave a review. To be able to contact you about account- or service-related issues, a user account must have an email address.

All reviews are displayed on the business' profile page. Here, customers can write and read reviews and also find relevant information such as their overall ReviewScore or star rating.

Two ways to start a review:

Inclusion is a part of our DNA was founded in 2020 as an independent platform that connects consumers and businesses, and which empowers both through collaboration.

Anyone can post a review. This prevents businesses pre-screening and moderating what the consumers actually read. This is one way we are different from other 'closed' or paid-to-access platforms that collect reviews for marketing collateral. Companies can publish reviews they like and 'unpublishes' reviews they don't (either post-fact or pre-screening). does not allow this. All reviews are published immediately, and without any moderation.

Reviews are owned by consumers

Reviews are considered user-generated content and the author is responsible for editing or deleting them. You can do this through their user account.

We will keep individual reviews until the user deletes them permanently. All reviews of a user who deletes their account may be permanently deleted. This can be found in the "How long do you store your personal data?" section of our Privacy Policy. This is outlined in the 'How long do we store your personal data?' section of our Privacy Policy.

Fight against fake reviews

Our industry-leading automated fraud detection software identifies and eliminates fake reviews on It examines multiple data points such as IP addresses and user identifiers. It also looks at device characteristics, location data, timestamps, and device characteristics to identify suspicious patterns.

If our software detects fraudulent reviews, we will take the review offline. We may also send an email to the reviewer to inform them (we won't do this if it is clearly promotional or advertising content). Reviewers have the opportunity to correct false positives. If we have strong evidence that the review was fake, we will not reinstate it.

Inclusive to all means that both consumers and businesses have the option to flag any review they find to be in violation of our guidelines. Each flagged review is reviewed by our Content Integrity Team, who then take appropriate action if it violates the rules.

Flagged reviews remain online while being investigated. Content flagged as "harmful" or illegal must be kept secret to protect the public.

We have clear rules that flagging negative reviews is not allowed. Flagging is a misused function that can cause damage to our trustworthiness. This is something we take very seriously. Find out how we deal with misuse of the flagging function.

Unified space for collaboration and dialogue

"An inclusive conversation means no censorship and no delays. is inclusive for everyone, as we believe it's the best way for customers to get an honest and representative review of their service.

Alex Wonderbolt

Director of Security